About IAG

With a reputation that incorporates the history of some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious audio brands, IAG Group Ltd. is a leader in home and professional audio.

Not only a family of brands, the IAG Group is unique in that it owns its own production, manufacturing, research and development, and sales channels—a vertically integrated machine in every sense.
IAG Group is a globally recognised enterprise with offices, subsidiaries, distribution channels, and representation in over 100 countries. As part of the IAG Group, Quad has established itself as a leading player in the Hi-Fi industry. With over two centuries of experience in service and product design, the company's headquarters are located in Huntingdon, UK, where it employs more than 50 individuals—making it one of the country's leading employers of Hi-Fi expertise.

Quad benefits from the IAG Group's manufacturing facility, which spans an area of approximately 400,000 square meters. It operates in raw materials to finished goods manufacturing, coupled with its international research and development expertise. The IAG Group has established itself as a leader in capabilities and efficiencies, reflected in the unparalleled quality of Quad products.