QII Series

The QUAD II Series is based on the original QUAD II amplifier, originally created by Peter Walker in 1953. Not only are these some of the finest sounding valve pre/power combinations available to date, but the genuine heritage and craftsmanship of the original have been preserved in its exquisite styling. 2015 also sees the launch of our new Lancaster Grey finish.


A Truly Iconic Amplifier

Designed by QUAD founder Peter Walker, the truly iconic QUAD II helped to define the modern concept of high-fidelity sound in the 1950s. QUAD has kept the legend alive with the current QUAD II classic, a faithful reproduction of the original valve monoblock with the build quality and aesthetics lovingly updated for the modern era. The new version takes this a step further, with the development of additional, pre, power and integrated models. (Pictured: Original QUAD  II Amplifier as designed by Peter Walker).

The QUAD II Series circuit design is the work of Tim de Paravicini, a man widely acknowledged to be the UK’s foremost valve amp designer. His design is faithful to Peter Walker’s Philosophy of cathode loading onto the same output stage and fundamental simplicity of design, ensuring the new amp delivers the same wealth of detail and exquisite tone as its famous predecessor.


Timeless Engineering

With KT-66 output valves on the Classic Integrated / II Classic and KT-88 on the II-forty / II-eighty, the push-pull configuration is visually stunning, even when safely secured within the cage that protects them. The output characteristic is a superbly refined sound, matched with both classic and contemporary loudspeakers.

The amplifiers had to retain the retro look of its famous predecessor but with the transformer and power, amplifier sections blended into a modern compact design. It has an understated elegance which lies beneath its smooth curves and lustrous finish, referencing the time when vacuum tubes ruled the electronics industry and Peter Walker was considered by many to be the master of audiophile design.

All QUAD products are expected to last a lifetime – even longer. Many QUAD customers still derive immense pleasure listening to products built only fifty years ago. The new QUAD II Classic Integrated amplifier is no exception, and with periodic servicing and a caring hand, you can expect its performance to continue for years to come.


A Modern Twist

The rekindled interest in 2 channel analogue hi-fi has been remarkable to witness. The popularity of vinyl has grown steadily over recent years and now represents a significant proportion amongst real music enthusiasts.

Deviating from the stand-alone power amplifiers and to cater for more compact setups is The QUAD II Classic Integrated, which combines 4 x KT66, 4 x ECC88 and 2 x ECC8 valves with 3 line inputs, a phono input (both MM and MC) and even a tape/monitor function.



To complement the legendary valve power driving your loudspeakers new additions in the form of the QC Twenty Four and Twenty Four P have been developed to give you simplistic and pure control over your audio sources.

Peter walker always believed that an amplifier should be as simple as possible – engineered with the fewest possible components and with a performance largely independent of those components.

The QC-twenty-four is a completely new design and is both neutral and detailed, utilising a military specification 6111 valve which is so reliable it is hard-wired to the circuit board.

For the analogue purist, the QUAD Twenty-Four P dedicated phono stage has been voiced by the finest ears in the industry and features an MM / MC toggle switch and a choice of direct full level or variable output for use with a power amp.