"It’s one of the most desirable one-box systems we’ve heard yet" >>>>> Click here to see the full review <<<<<
20 December 2018
  "Even by Quad’s high standards, the Artera Solus is unfeasibly talented" >>>>Click here to see the full review<<<<
19 December 2018
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06 November 2018
  "82 years after its founding and 61 years after the ESL-57, QUAD delivers its first headphones, the ERA-1 and it’s a planar design… but not an electrostatic!"     Click here to see the full review  
21 August 2018
       Click here to see the full review
07 August 2018
  Only launched in recent weeks, news of the Artera Solus is spreading far and wide - and it's all good! The latest instalment of Hi-Fi Choice has a stunning four-page review, emphasising in depth all the features and benefits the Artera Solus has to ...
01 March 2018
COME AND SEE US!   Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th February 2018 MARRIOTT CITY CENTRE HOTEL BRISTOL - Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD 
25 January 2018