Quad S-1 Receives Hifi Choice Magazine's Editor's Choice Award

Quad's baby S-1 sepakers have received an outstanding review in Hifi Choice Magazine.  The speakers score the maximum five stars in all categories including Sound Quality, Value for Money, Build Quality, and Ease of Drive.  They also receive the magazines Editor's Choice Award which is reserved for truly exceptional products.  

The magazine interviews Quad's Acoustic Engineer, Peter Comeau and gets insight on the details and functions of this popular speaker.

DV: "There are several types of ribbon tweeter.  How did you develop the design for the S Series and what advantages does it have over even the best dome types?"

PC: "The best ribbon tweeters are the designs based on a foil suspended in a strong magnetic field. The advantage over a dome is that the diaphragm is driven over the whole of it's surface and the ribbon is its own voice coil. The disadvantage ofthe older-type foil ribbons is one of power handling. That is why they fell out of favour. However, recent developments in multi-layer substrates have allowed the foil to handle higher power without burning out and have brought the benefits of true ribbons back to us".

 Read the remaining part of the interview of the full review in Hifi Choice Magazine.